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Distinctive Style 
EDEN JONES eyewear was founded as a response to an eyewear industry issue where a few large companies have a tight grip on the global prescription eyewear supply chain. This is an underlying reason why so many retailers are over-priced due to the oligopoly of a few companies controlling the global supply chain of all the mainstream high street brands that you find in your local optical shop or online stores.
Once when losing a pair of glasses that I needed to replace it "hit me" that how overpriced eyewear was; when really it is a product that has been around for hundreds of years...
In response to this we at EDEN JONES have made it our mission to produce our own eyewear with our in-house London based design team; coupled with sourcing the best raw materials from Italy, China, South Korea and Japan enabling us to bring you distinctively stylish eyewear at a reasonable price; without any compromises and a better customer experience as you can simply sit back and try on our glasses in the comfort of your own home with our "home try-on" service.
Socially Conscious
We also have a "BUY SIGHT - GIVE SIGHT" initiative whereby for every frame purchased EDEN JONES is committed to provided a complete pair of prescription glasses to a child in need on the island of Zanzibar. Why Zanzibar? well primarily because there is a critical need for children who currently go without glasses and additionally because with an island it is more tangible to see the direct social impact that we make in helping others less fortunate and in need of assistance. Watch this space as we will share progress updates and stories showcasing the difference your purchase makes to someone else in need.